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Health care is changing. Anybody who has observed the political landscape or seen their physician over the past few years can attest to that. But what do the changes mean for patients: more paperwork, more pushback from insurance companies, more stress, more out of pocket expenses. In short, more burden, and a truly negative experience.

But within this sea of despair lie opportunities for improvement. There are champions for change who believe that patients should be treated better, who believe that health care should focus on the patient first. Prestige Clinics is that champion.

At Prestige Clinics, patients are empowered to customize their clinical care. So two patients, both diabetics, are not considered just two patients with the same medical condition. Each of the two patients are treated as two individuals. The first patient, a diabetic male, who was just promoted to sales manager of his company, is concerned that his new role may increase his stress and raise his blood sugar. The second patient, a diabetic female, who balances life as a receptionist with her two young children, is concerned that her second diabetic medication is costing her too much. Both diabetic patients, but with different needs and different priorities.

Champions of patients, like Prestige Clinics, are learning that, in this changing health care environment, there are opportunities to create a patient-first approach to health care using technology and unique forms of patient care. Patients now have opportunities to visit their physicians via telemedicine, or ask patient sensitive questions through a HIPAA secure patient portal where only the patient’s physician can read and respond.

At Prestige Clinics, patients have access to these unique care options. Patients can work to quit smoking by re-enacting their smoking behavior through virtual reality simulations. Patients can see their physician via telemedicine during days that their work or family obligations simply won’t allow them to come to the physician’s office. And patients are constantly engaged with their physician through customized emails, text messaging, or in-person educational seminars.

We treat the patients as people, and treat patients on their terms.

Now you may ask yourself, do I really need all this technology? Well, just take a quick look at your day: how do you get directions to any location?, how do you say hello to your grandchildren? Technology has changed the way we as people live our lives. And it is time that technology improves our health care experience.

Studies show that patients are very capable in adopting new technologies. Patients are intelligent, quick to adapt, and recognize where technology can improve their health care. In fact, many physicians, health care systems, and insurance companies have lagged behind patients in adopting new technologies. We at Prestige Clinics keep up with the changing health care landscape and with patients’ needs.

We adjust our care to the patients, and provide service that are on patients’ terms. Come see why so many patients are turning towards the Prestige Clinics experience.