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Welcome Prestige Patients!

“Did I make that appointment earlier today?”

“Will I have enough time to finish up the things I need to do today?”

“Wow, I have been waiting for quite some time. I hope I get to see my physician soon.”

Chances are, these are things that you have thought to yourself or even said out loud the last time you visited your Physician. The sad thing is that this has become all too common at many physician and clinic systems. And for many patients, this creates a significant burden to their lives: missed work days, deferred family obligations, and transportation needs. And according to a recent report in Becker’s Hospital Review, waiting times are on the rise.

Think about Sara, the 53 year old Hispanic female with three high school aged children feeling the burden of waiting time as she looks at her watch and wonders if she will have enough time to cook dinner? In the first thirty minutes her wait time, she finds out that her husband will get home from work late, leaving no car for her eldest daughter, who needs to drive to her classmate’s house and study for her Biology final. She believes that if she can see her physician and leave within fifteen minutes, she should be able to let her daughter use her car. Yet, fifteen minutes later, she is still in the waiting room. After an hour of waiting, she realizes that not only will she be home to let her daughter use her car, but she will not be home in time to cook dinner. She ends up calling her youngest son and tells him to order pizza for the family. After an hour and ten minutes of waiting, she is flustered and more focused on the needs of her family to even think about her own medical conditions. Her physician, a kind, but stressed elderly man, rushes through the patient visit as he himself is running behind. As a result, she forgets to ask her physician if there are any generic versions of her diabetes medication available. She struggles to meet her medical bills and needs to find ways to lower her overall medical costs. Yet, the haste of the patient visit left Sara scrambling to get home and take care of her family.

Sadly, this is the story for many patients.

What options are available to patients? Empower your health care experience by taking control of all aspects of the patient, physician encounter. Many patients do not realize that they have the option of seeking physicians who are punctual, value their patients’ time, and focus on the patients’ lives as much as their medical conditions. That is the vision at Prestige Clinics: a forward looking health care model in which the patient is treated as a person and as a patient. Prestige Clinics creates customized health care protocols in which patients can manage their health care experience based upon their personal and health care needs.

So for Sara, she can visit her physician at Prestige Clinics, and have minimal to no waiting time. She can come in and out, and get back to her life as mother. Alternatively, she has the option of converting her visit to a telemedicine appointment in which she does not have the stress of prolonged waiting room time and family obligations. She can instead communicate with her Prestige physician through a telemedicine interface and ask – without any haste or stress – all the medicine questions she has. Prestige physicians will respect her time, and coordinate her visits – both in person and via telemedicine – based her upon her preference.

And Sara is not alone. Many patients are making the switch to physicians who respect their time and who treat their patients as equals. According to the Becker’s report, 40% of all patients are willing to see a new physician who respects their time better. We at Prestige Clinics emphasize patient respect and place their priorities above all. And we welcome all the Sara’s of the world to come and experience the Prestige Clinic, and become Prestige patients!